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Is that stiles signing “go fuck yourself”

I remember absolutely zero about ASL but it sounds familiar o.O it would make sense for the signing to make a reappearance, right? why else would they have made it such a big deal? if he’d been able to understand french or something it would have been back sometime. so yeah.

is lydia’s left hand giving him the middle finger? LOL

BOTH of Lydia’s hands are giving him the middle finger! Bless

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Outlander episode 8: handporn 

“Have you ever really held the hand of someone you love? Not just in passing, a loose link between you - but truly clasped, with the pulses of your wrists beating together and your fingers mapping the knuckles and nails like a cartographer learning a country by heart?” 

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shipsofsnapegirl asked
Your J2M 'burrito of love' photo op is sheer perfection! You look so happy.


THANK YOUUUUUUU!!!! I’m pretty sure it’s damn near impossible not to be spilling over with happiness when you’re being crushed by an avalanche of Jared, Jensen and Misha… If you ever get the chance to be a part of a J2M burrito of love, DO IT. Would recommend 10/10.

I wish I could have! I did photo ops with J2 and Misha solo. But I had my kids with me. They were cute pictures, but I didn’t get that squished bliss experience. :(